Account Compliance

Your customers want to know that their personal and financial information is safe when they use a credit card to shop at a retail store, over the phone or through an online site. They expect that online credit card processing will take place in a secure manner and you need to prove to them that they can feel confident in every transaction they make with your company. In addition, as a business owner you are obligated to make sure that your eCommerce credit card processing is done in compliance with industry regulations and standards. Mistakes could have a devastating impact on your reputation and your bottom line.

If you perform credit card processing online, over the phone or at a retail location, the major credit card companies expect you to be compliant with the established Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Not being PCI Compliant could lead to major fines from the credit card companies and expose you to liability if there is fraud associated with your in-store, online or mobile credit card processing.

iCard360 can help you negotiate the issues relating to account compliance and ensure that you are able to accept merchant account credit cards without incurring penalties. Our staff is able to assist you with the entire process of becoming PCI Compliant and help you to maintain your good standing throughout the years. We can help you navigate the different aspects that you need to complete in order to achieve PCI Compliance including filling out the necessary forms. We can also help you to fix any problems that might keep you from achieving compliance, even if you have a high risk merchant account.

No matter what type of business you have, account compliance is now mandatory. Whether you have an adult merchant account or own a restaurant, you need to prove that you comply with the latest industry standards of safety and security. iCard360 can help you do this and give you and your customers some peace of mind.