What Types of Businesses Does iCard360 Work With?

iCard360 can help you no matter what type of business you operate. We specialize in helping small businesses get the same low rates and benefits with the credit card processing as a larger company would with a high volume merchant account. Our clients operate a wide range of businesses but share one desire: to accept credit card payments quickly, easily and affordably. We can help anyone including offering high risk merchant services to clients in industries that are typically flagged as potential problems because of the potential for credit card fraud. These industries include adult entertainment, travel, pharmaceuticals, gaming and web hosting.


Can You Create Merchant Accounts to Work With International Sales?

Absolutely. iCard360 wants to help you grow your business to new avenues including being able to reach out to customers on a global scale. One way that we can do this is to give you the ability to accept multi-currency transactions. No matter which currency your customers use, they can enter in their credit card information and automatically get charged exactly the right amount using the current exchange rates.


Does This Work With Debit Cards?

Yes. Our credit card merchant processing will allow you to process payments from debit cards along with traditional credit cards. As long is as it the debit card is a check card with the logo of Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or another major credit card company it can be processed with us. Keep in mind that these cards will not be run as PIN-based transactions and can only be processed as credit cards, with the standard credit card processing rates applying.


How Secure Is the Customer Information You Receive?

All of the information you sent to us via phone, in-person or Internet credit card processing is highly secure. We conform to all of the major industry security standards to ensure that sensitive personal and financial information about your customers is kept safe. We also work with our clients to make sure that they are PCI Compliant to reduce the risk of identity or banking information theft. This is especially important for clients with high risk merchant accounts where there is a greater potential for identity theft or credit card fraud.